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The Co-operative Press is a British small co-operative society whose principal activity is the publication of The Co-operative News. The mission of the Society is "To be the best news service and forum in the co-operative, mutual and social enterprise sectors."[1] Co-operative Press is located in Holyoake House, Manchester, England.

In 1929 the Society purchased the national Sunday newspaper, Reynolds News, which was first published in 1850. The paper continued publication and was renamed the Sunday Citizen. However, publication ceased in the 1960s amid growing competition in the national newspaper market.

The Co-operative News[edit]

The Co-operative News is a fortnightly newspaper for the UK co-operative, mutual and social enterprise sectors. It has been in continuous publication since 1871 making it the oldest Co-operative newspaper in the world. All articles of the paper are available on its website to subscribers.


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