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CoFluent Design
Industry Software & Programming
Founded 2003
Headquarters Nantes, France
Parent Intel Corporation

CoFluent Design is a supplier of electronic system-level (ESL) modeling and simulation software. CoFluent is headquartered in Nantes, France, and has sales offices in Paris, France, San Jose, California, and Tokyo, Japan.


Original CoFluent technology development was initiated by the Ecole polytechnique of the University of Nantes in France by Professor Jean-Paul Calvez and his research team. The technology represents 20 years of research on a methodology for the design of electronic systems called MCSE (French for Méthodologie de Conception de Systèmes Electroniques) which is in public domain .[1]

In 2003, CoFluent was spun off as an independent company.[2]

In 2007, CoFluent raised funds from venture capital firms.[3] CoFluent Design key people include CEO, Stephane Leclercq, and Director, Vincent Perrier.

CoFluent Design provides system modeling and simulation solutions that enable embedded system and chip designers to imagine and validate new concepts and architectures.

In 2011, CoFluent Design was acquired by Intel.[4] Under the terms of the acquisition, CoFluent Studio has also become the property of Intel.[4] All CoFluent employees have also been picked up by Intel and will continue to provide customer support.[4]


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