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The Coach
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Force #116
In-story information
Alter ego Unrevealed
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations X-Force
Abilities Superhuman strength

The Coach is a fictional mutant character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He was the "leader" and member of the second team of X-Force and was created by Peter Milligan (writer) and Mike Allred (artist). His first appearance was in X-Force #116. He is missing one arm and has odd eye coloring.

Fictional character biography[edit]

One of Coach's first appearances was introducing the new hero Anarchist to X-Force. Later, he briefs the team on their upcoming mission to rescue a hostage boy band. They were being held in a New York recording studio. He details how this is a perfect mission, one that would please the focus group and increase their publicity. This did not go well, as most of X-Force, and the boy band, die in helicopter attack. The surviving terrorists, including the copter crew, are slain by the surviving members.

He discusses the deaths of most of the team members to the remaining three. He thus introduces the team's new owner. U-Go Girl is surprised that the team's owners were not a shadowy organization answerable to no one. Coach calms her worries saying that their owner, Spike Freeman is simply a software trillionaire. Secretly, all of U-Go Girl's concerns were true.

After a recruitment drive, Coach details the mission to rescue Paco Perez from the South American nation of Bastrona. Perez has the mutant potential to cure many diseases, plus, he has already seemingly devastated a large portion of the local landscape. Orphan would lead this mission.

Coach also speaks with the Orphan on the decision to have the press believe that U-Go Girl was abusing pain killers and alcohol. He also explains to the Orphan why the team needed to bring Paco Perez back. The Coach's motive was to put Perez under the control of drug companies, who would exploit him for every possible dollar they could.

When the Orphan questions the Coach's motives, he sets loose two mutant goons named Smoke and Succubus to subdue him and his teammates.[1] The Orphan breaks up the fight and agrees to bring Perez back. Later that night, the Coach sneaked into U-Go Girl's room and warns of romantic liaisons between teammates. He talks about framing the Orphan for murder. He would discuss the latter topic with Spike Freeman.

Mutiny and death[edit]

Orphan defies the Coach's orders. After rescuing Perez from the Bastrona medical system, which was exploiting him, Orphan takes him to a secret hiding spot. It is the father of Saint Anna, one of the two X-Force members who perish in rescuing Perez. The man agrees to hide and raise Paco.

Naturally, the Coach does not take the news about Perez well. He again sends Smoke and Succubus after Orphan. At the same time, he tries to rape U-Go Girl, who was not in full control of her own body. Wolverine, an old friend of X-Force member Doop, shows up and assists Orphan in killing Smoke and Succubus. U-Go Girl recovers enough to shoot Coach dead with a gun.[2]


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