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Coady International Institute
West Wing

The Coady International Institute is located on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Established in 1959, Coady Institute is world-renowned as a centre of excellence in community leadership education. The Institute is named for one of Canada's great heroes, Rev. Dr. Moses M. Coady, a founder of the Antigonish Movement - a people's movement for economic and social justice that began in Nova Scotia during the 1920s - and author of Masters of their Own Destiny.

The Coady Institute is known for its innovative knowledge for action agenda. The Institute brings development professionals from around the world to the campus of St.FX University for training in the field of international development. The Institute offers a transformative learning experience that equips development leaders with new knowledge, practical skills and a renewed commitment they take back to their communities, and their organizations to build better societies.

For over five decades, the Coady Institute has been working to promote community self-reliance and innovative ways to improve the lives of people around the world. Coady's 6,000 graduates and partners are working in 130 countries to build a fair, prosperous, and secure world. [1]

The Coady Institute offers certificate programs in the following areas: Advocacy and Citizen Engagement,Building on Local and Indigenous Knowledge for Community-Driven Development, Communication and Social Media, Community Development Leadership by Women, Community-Based Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding, Community-Based Microfinance, Community-Based Microfinance (offering in Ethiopia), Community-Based Natural Resource Management, Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community Change, Good Governance and Social Accountability Tools, Learning Organizations and Change, Livelihoods and Markets, Livelihoods & Markets (offering in Ethiopia), Mobilizing Assets for Community-Driven Development, Partnerships in a Multi-Stakeholder Environment, Skills for Social Change, Indigenous Women in Community Leadership, Global Change Leaders.

"If we are wise, we will help the people everywhere to get the good and abundant life... to become masters of their own destiny" - Rev. Dr. Moses M. Coady

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