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The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration logo, courtesy of the CDSE

The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration is a United States space advocacy organization for space industry businesses and non-profit groups supporting continued government investment in space exploration.

Founding Members[edit]

Members:[citation needed]

Silver Members

Futuramic Tool and Engineering Jacobs Engineering[1] Moog Inc.


Abacus Technology Corporation Ampac ASRC Federal Baker Aerospace Tooling & Machining Inc. Barrios Technologies Craig Technical Consulting, Inc. Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions, LLC DCX-CHOL Enterprises Dese Research Inc. Dynetics, Inc. EMF, Inc. Futuramic Tool and Engineering Company Geocent, LLC Honeywell Houston Precision Fasteners, Lp. ICF Mercantile, Inc. ION Corporation ISYS Technologies L-3 Cincinnati Electronics L-3 Communications MEI Technologies MRI Technologies nLogic, LLC Onyx Aerospace Paragon RDI Engineering, LLC Standex Engineering Technologies Group SGT, Inc. Spincraft UTC Aerospace Systems Vacco Votaw Precisions Technology, Inc. Weetech, Inc. WireMasters

Partner Associations[edit]

Partners:[citation needed]

Board of Advisors[edit]

The circa 2015 Board of Advisors[2]

  • Penelope J. Boston, Ph.D. – speleologist
  • Bob Crippen – former Shuttle astronaut
  • Frederick D. Gregory - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Gerry Griffin – former NASA flight director and former NASA Deputy Administrator
  • Wayne Hale - former Space Shuttle Program Manager and former Space Shuttle Flight Director
  • Bernard Harris – former Shuttle astronaut and first African American to walk in space
  • Steven Hawley - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Henry R. Hertzfeld - former senior economist and policy analyst at NASA
  • Thomas David Jones - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Nick Lampson - former Congressman from Texas' 22nd Congressional District
  • Paul Spudis - geologist and lunar scientist
  • Doug Cooke - former NASA Associate Administrator
  • Dan Dumbacher] - former NASA Deputy Associate Administrator

Honorary Board Members[edit]

Honorees:[citation needed]

  • Jake Garn – first member of Congress to fly in space (former U.S. Senator from Utah)
  • Joseph Kerwin – former Skylab astronaut
  • Gene Kranz – former Apollo flight director
  • Jim Lovell - former NASA Astronaut and commander of the Apollo 13 mission

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