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The Coalition for Space Exploration logo, featuring a representation of the Earth, Moon and Mars, courtesy of the CSE

The Coalition for Space Exploration is a United States space advocacy organization for space industry businesses and non-profit groups supporting continued government investment in space exploration.

Members of the Public Affairs Team[edit]

Members:[citation needed]

Partner Associations[edit]

Partners:[citation needed]

Board of Advisors[edit]

The circa 2015 Board of Advisors[1]

  • Penelope J. Boston, Ph.D. – speleologist
  • Bob Crippen – former Shuttle astronaut
  • Frederick D. Gregory - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Gerry Griffin – former NASA flight director and former NASA Deputy Administrator
  • Wayne Hale - former Space Shuttle Program Manager and former Space Shuttle Flight Director
  • Bernard Harris – former Shuttle astronaut and first African American to walk in space
  • Steven Hawley - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Henry R. Hertzfeld - former senior economist and policy analyst at NASA
  • Thomas David Jones - former Shuttle astronaut
  • Nick Lampson - former Congressman from Texas' 22nd Congressional District
  • Paul Spudis - geologist and lunar scientist
  • [Doug Cooke] - former NASA Associate Administrator
  • Dan Dumbacher] - former NASA Deputy Associate Administrator

Honorary Board Members[edit]

Honorees:[citation needed]

  • Jake Garn – first member of Congress to fly in space (former U.S. Senator from Utah)
  • Joseph Kerwin – former Skylab astronaut
  • Gene Kranz – former Apollo flight director
  • Jim Lovell - former NASA Astronaut and commander of the Apollo 13 mission

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