Liberty (Poland)

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Leader Janusz Korwin-Mikke
Founded 22 January 2015
Split from Congress of the New Right
Headquarters Warsaw
Ideology Libertarianism[1][2]
Conservative liberalism
Hard Euroscepticism[2][3]
Monarchism[citation needed]
Political position Right-wing[4][5]
International affiliation International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
1 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
2 / 51
Regional assemblies
0 / 555

Liberty (Polish: Wolność) is a Polish right-libertarian and eurosceptic political party established in 2015 by Janusz Korwin-Mikke as a result of his removal from his former party, Congress of the New Right.[6] Among the party's other members are Przemysław Wipler, who held a seat in the Polish Sejm and Robert Iwaszkiewicz, Member of the European Parliament.

Until October 8, 2016, the party was known as Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic – Liberty and Hope.[7] The party's Polish name was originally a backronym of the founder's name (KORWiN).

Korwin-Mikke took part in presidential elections in 2015.[8]

As of December 2017, both the party's MEPs were under investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Office for fictitious employment of family members and friends as assistants, and the party was reported to be facing a fine as a result of the investigation.[9]

Election results[edit]


Election year Number of
Percentage of
Number of
overall seats won
2015 722,999 4.76 (#7)
0 / 460


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