Coast Guard Base Boston

Coordinates: 42°22′4″N 71°3′9″W / 42.36778°N 71.05250°W / 42.36778; -71.05250
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Coast Guard Base Boston
Part of 1st District
North End, Boston, Massachusetts
The station from Charlestown across Boston Harbor. One of its buildings is designed to look like a CG Vessel
Coordinates42°22′4″N 71°3′9″W / 42.36778°N 71.05250°W / 42.36778; -71.05250
TypeCoast Guard Station
Site information
OwnerUnited States Coast Guard
Site history
In use???-Present

United States Coast Guard Base Boston is located in the North End, Boston, Massachusetts. It is home to a number of cutters, including the USCGC Escanaba (WMEC-907), USCGC Spencer (WMEC-905), USCGC Marlin (WPB-87304), USCGC Pendant (WYTL-65608) and USCGC Seneca (WMEC-906), along with other small fleet units. The small boat station located on the base was re-opened in 2003 after being closed in 1996. It is also home to Flotilla 5-3 of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

On 1 March 2021, the United States Department of Homeland Security solicited bids for base modifications to accommodate six new fast response cutters there.[1] The Coast Guard is expected to take delivery of the first two of these cutters, USCGC William Chadwick (WPC-1150) and USCGC Warren Deyampert (WPC-1151), in the second half of 2022.[2]

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