Coat of arms of Adelaide

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Coat of arms of the City of Adelaide
Escudo de Adelaida.png
Armiger Lord Mayor of Adelaide
Adopted 1929
Crest Right arm holding Miner’s Pick and Mural Crown
Torse Blue and Gold
Escutcheon Red and Gold Cross, Ship, Fleece, Wheat Sheaf and Bull head
Supporters Lion and Kangaroo
Compartment Grassy Green Field
Motto Latin: Ut Prosint Omnibus Conjuncti

The Coat of Arms of Adelaide was granted by the Herald's College on 20 April 1929.



The Arms consist of a blue shield with a gold cross, on which is surmounted a red cross.

  • The top left corner, known as the first quarter – show a three masted ship in full sail. The ship represents the importance of commerce to the City and is a reminder of the form of transport of the early settlers from Great Britain to South Australia, and of any return voyage, as well as being the mail link between the two countries.
  • The top right corner, known as the second quarter – it shows a golden fleece. It represents the sheep farming interest and the wool trade.
  • The lower left corner, known as the third quarter – it show a bull’s head. It represents the cattle interests.
  • The lower right corner, known as the fourth quarter - it show the golden wheatsheaf in full ear. It represents the extensive agricultural interests.


Above the shield is a golden mural crown; its derives from the crown or garland given to the soldier in early Roman times who was the first to scale the wall of a besieged town.

Above the mural crown is a crest of the Corporation. It is a right arm holding miner’s pick, it representing another of the industries of the early years which contributed so much to the wealth of South Australia and Adelaide. The arm is resting on a wreath of the colours of the city blue and gold.


On the right side of shield there is a kangaroo, and on the left side a Lion, which guard and uphold the shield.

The lion represents the English origin of the settlers who established South Australia and the kangaroo represents the country they helped to build. the lion simultaneously represents aion, the god of time,and the lion of dominion. The red kangaroo represents the kaurna peoples totem, the red kangaroo dreaming


The base of the shield is on a grassy green field of rising ground.


A scroll below the arms has a Latin motto Ut Prosint Omnibus Conjuncti which translates as "united for the common good."

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