Coat of arms of Brisbane

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Coat of arms of the City of Brisbane
Escudo de Brisbane.png
Armiger Lord Mayor of Brisbane
Adopted 1925
Crest Mural Crown and a Leopard between two Palm Leaves
Torse Gold and Blue
Escutcheon Caducei, Stafford Knots, two White Stars
Supporters Two Gryphons
Compartment Grassy Green Field
Motto Latin: Meliora Sequimur

The Coat of Arms of Brisbane is a historic icon; symbolising aspects of not only the City but also the eponymous Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

Sir Thomas' preoccupation with the field of astronomy are indicated by the two mullets. The Stafford knot was the badge of the 38th (1st Staffordshire) Regiment of Foot in which Sir Thomas Brisbane entered the British Army as an Ensign in 1789.

The Caduceus is the symbol of Commerce and Peace, and is the emblem depicted for Hermes in his capacity as God and Protector of Commerce.

Two Gryphons support the design, together with the motto "Meliora Sequimur", which means "We aim for the best" in Latin. The Gryphon is one of the principal bearings in heraldry, and is frequently used as a charge or supporter. The chimerical creature is half eagle and half lion and legend states that when it attains full growth, it will never be taken alive. The wavy blue bar around the creatures' necks alludes to the city's location as a port on the river.

The palm leaves in the crest are a symbol of victory included as a compliment from the Council to the valour of Australian Defense Forces.

Valour, honour and high-mettled attributes are conveyed by the leopard in the crest. The colours of the city, blue and gold, are indicated by the top wreath.

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