Coat of arms of Gagauzia

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Coat of arms of Gagauzia
Coat of arms of Gagauzia.svg
Armiger Gagauzia Government of Gagauzia
Adopted 1994
Escutcheon An heraldic shield with the drawing of a golden rising Sun
Supporters Stalks of wheat and grape
Other elements Three yellow stars, banner with the Gagauz flag's colors,
white banner with the name "Gagauz Yeri"

Article 13.3 of the Organic Law of Gagauzia describes the coat of arms of Gagauzia as follows [1]:-

The coat of arms represents an image of heraldic shield, on the lower part of which there is a yellow (golden) hemisphere of rising sun on blue background. The shield is framed by yellow (golden) spikes enlaced by the flag of Gagauzia. Under the shield there is a conventional image of vine-leaves and vine-bunches. Three five-pointed yellow (golden) stars are arranged in form of an equilateral triangle above the shield.

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