Coat of arms of Ghana

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Coat of arms of Ghana
Coat of arms of Ghana.svg
Armiger Republic of Ghana
Adopted 4 March 1957
Crest A black star bordered in gold
Torse Gold, green and red
Escutcheon Azure on a cross vert fimbriated Or a lion passant guardant Or, in the first quarter a linguist's staff and ceremonial sword crossed in saltire Or, in the second quarter issuant from five bars wavy Argent and Azure a castle Argent upon a mount Or, in the third quarter affixed in a grassy plain a cocoa tree proper and in the fourth quarter upon a grassy plain a mine proper.
Supporters Two eagles displayed Or around each of whose neck hangs a black star fimbriated Or suspended from a ribbon tierced gules, Or and vert upon a grassy compartment proper
Motto Freedom and Justice

The coat of arms of Ghana was designed by Ghanaian artist Amon Kotei and was introduced on 4 March 1957.[1]


  • The first part, on the upper left shows a sword used by chiefs, and a staff, used by the linguist (known as an okyeame in Akan), at ceremonies. It is a symbol for the traditional authority of Ghana.
  • The area to the right shows a representation of Osu Castle on the sea, the presidential palace on the Gulf of Guinea, symbolizes the national government.
  • The third part of the shield shows a cacao tree, which embodies the agricultural wealth of Ghana.
  • The fourth and last field - on the lower right - shows a gold mine, which stands for the richness of industrial minerals and natural resources in Ghana.
  • A gold lion at the heart of the shield in the centre of the green St George's Cross, represents the continuing link between Ghana and the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • Upon the shield there are beads with the national colors red, green, and gold, which the flag of Ghana also bears.
  • Above beads, there is a black five-pointed star with a golden border, symbol for the lodestar of Ghanaians and the freedom of Africa.
  • Holding the coat of arms and seal are two golden tawny eagles, which have black stars on a band of the national colors hanging around their necks.
  • The two eagles are perched on a motto ribbon, which bears the national motto of Ghana: Freedom and Justice.

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