Coat of arms of Madeira

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Coat of arms of the Autonomous Region of Madeira
Coat of arms of Madeira.png
CrestAn Armillary sphere Or
TorseAzure and Or
Blazonblue a pale or charged with the Cross of Christ
SupportersTwo monk seals
MottoPortuguese: Das Ilhas as Mais Belas e Livres

The coat of arms of the Portuguese Autonomous Region of Madeira consists of a shield azure a pale or charged with a Cross of Christ, with external elements. The shield was established by the Regional Decree 30/78/M of 12 September 1978. The external elements (supporters, crest and motto) were established by Regional Legislative Decree 11/91/M of 24 April 1991.



The central shield is blazoned, azure a pale or charged with a Cross of Christ.


The monk seals supporting the shield in the coat of arms are an homage to the only large mammals found by the first inhabitants of the island, and allude to the need to preserve this endangered species.


The gold armillary sphere represents the Age of Discovery, initiated by the Portuguese, and King Manuel I of Portugal who ordered the settling of the archipelago.


The Autonomous Region of Madeira motto, Das Ilhas as Mais Belas e Livres, is Portuguese for "Of all islands, the most beautiful and free".

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