Coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea

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Coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea
Netherlands New Guinea coa 1961.svg
Adopted 1961
Escutcheon Barry of twelve Azure and Argent, a chief Gules with a Mullet of five points Argent
Supporters Two Birds of Paradise
Motto "Setia, Djudjur, Mesra" (Indonesian)
"Loyal, Honest, Affectionate"

The coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea was one of a number of national symbols chosen by the Papuans prior to decolonization by the Netherlands, and prior to integration into Indonesia. The design on the shield was in the form of the flag of Netherlands New Guinea, the Morning Star flag. The shield was supported by two birds of paradise and surrounded by a garland of local flowers and a scroll bearing the motto "Setia, djudjur, Mesra" (Loyal, Honest, Affectionate).[1]


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