Coat of arms of Nicaragua

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Coat of arms of Nicaragua
Coat of arms of Nicaragua.svg
Armiger Republic of Nicaragua
Adopted 1971 (21 August 1823)

The Nicaraguan coat of arms was first adopted on August 21, 1823 as the coat of arms of Central America, but underwent several changes during the course of history, until the last version (as of 1999) was introduced in 1971.


Version Used (1908-1971)
Version Used (1971-1999)

The triangle signifies equality, the rainbow signifies peace, the gorro frigio (Phrygian cap) symbolizes liberty and the five volcanoes express the union and brotherhood of all five Central American countries.[1] Lastly the gold words surrounding the emblem: Republica De Nicaragua - America Central (English: Republic of Nicaragua - Central America).


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