Coat of arms of Oldenburg

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Coat of arms of Oldenburg
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png
Blason Grand-duché d'Oldenbourg (Grandes armes).svg
Shield, as used by the House of Oldenburg
Escutcheon miniatur

The coat of arms of Oldenburg is the coat associated with the state of Oldenburg, a county, duchy and grand duchy, that existed between 1180 and 1918, and the associated with the parts of the House of Oldenburg that ruled the state. The coat of arms recognised the full acquisitions of the state in those years. Various branches used various minor arms; those most associated with the Oldenburg part of the state were copies of the flags of Oldenburg. The inescutcheon was used on the state ensign of 1893 to 1918/1921.[1]


The main shield shows the arms of:[1]

The inescutcheon shows the arms of: