Coat of arms of Saba

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Coat of arms of Saba

The coat of arms of Saba was established in 1985 by the island council of Saba,[1] when it was still part of the Netherlands Antilles. It remained the coat of arms of Saba after its dissolution and the subsequent change of Saba's constitutional status into a special municipality of the Netherlands in 2010.

It consists of a shield with the local bird Audubon's shearwater and the islands itself. The weapon also contains a fish, a sailing boat and potato, which are symbols for fisheries, Saban seamen and the Saban potato. The motto is written the shield Latin: Remis velisque (literally with oars and sails). The royal decree of 20 September 2010, no. 10.002570 granted this arms to Saba as a public body of the Netherlands.

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