Coat of arms of Saint Lucia

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Coat of arms of Saint Lucia
Coat of arms of Saint Lucia.svg
ArmigerElizabeth II in Right of Saint Lucia
CrestOn a steel helmet facing to the dexter, lambrequined Azure and Or, a hand holding a torch and two sugar-cane leaves in saltire, all proper.
TorseOr and Azure
BlazonAzure, between a Tudor-rose Argent and Gules in the first and the fourth quarter, and a fleur-de-lys Or in the second and the third quarter, a bamboo-cross charged with a chiefs-stool Or.
SupportersTwo parrots proper, billed Or
MottoThe land, The people, The light

The Saint Lucian coat of arms was designed by Sydney Bagshaw in 1967 and was adopted during pre-independence at the time of internal self-government. The national motto (the land, the people, the light) is found at the bottom.

This symbol represents the official seal of the Government of Saint Lucia. The following is a brief description of the coat of arms.

  • Tudor Rose- England
  • la Maguire - France
  • Stool - Africa
  • Torch - Beacon to light the path
  • Amazona versicolor - the national bird


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