Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands

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Coat of arms of Solomon Islands
Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
Armiger Elizabeth II in Right of the Solomon Islands
Crest on a helmet guardant, lambrequined Argent and Azure, a Solomon Islands war canoe proper and a Sun radiant Or
Torse Argent and azure
Escutcheon Or, a Saltire Vert charged with two spears in saltire, points in base and a bow and two arrows charged with a native shield in fess point, between two Turtles all proper, and on a chief Azure an Eagle sejant on a branch between two Frigate birds all proper
Supporters on the dexter, a Crocodile, and on the sinister a Shark, both proper
Compartment A stylised two-headed Frigate bird Sable
Motto To Lead Is To Serve

The coat of arms of Solomon Islands shows a shield which is framed by a crocodile and a shark. The motto is displayed under it, which reads "To Lead Is To Serve." Over the shield there is a helmet with decorations, crowned by a stylized sun. [1] [2]

Historical Coats of Arms and emblems[edit]