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Coatlinchan is a town in the Mexican state of Mexico.

A colossal statue over a thousand years old that was thought to represent Tlaloc was found in the town of Coatlinchan Mexico. This statue was made of Basalt and weighed an estimated 168 tons. It was moved to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City in 1964 on a special trailer with dozens of rubber tires. This didn't happen until they promised the residents of the town to provide a large amount of public works. Some of the villagers still attempted to sabotage the vehicle but the secular authority prevailed in the end. The village people lined up to watch the statue as it passed by. Then there was a large unseasonable downpour. The downpour continued through the night. Many people may have interpreted this as a sign from the Gods. Some scholars believe that the statue may not have been Tlaloc at all but his sister or some other female deity. [1] [2] [3]

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Coordinates: 19°27′N 98°52′W / 19.450°N 98.867°W / 19.450; -98.867