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Coatue is a technology sector hedge fund that invests in public and private equity markets. It is led by Philippe Laffont, who founded the hedge fund after leaving Tiger Management in 1999 (as one of 32 "tiger cubs" [1]).[2] It is based in New York City, with a second office in Menlo Park, California.

From January 2001 through March 2016, it generated returns of 443%.[3] It managed $15 billion overall as of Jan. 1, 2018.[4]

On February 1, 2013, it launched a new hybrid fund (Coatue Hybrid Fund 1) to focus on high-growth pre-IPO startups, raising over $300 million.[5] On May 1, 2013, it launched a new "long-only" fund (Coatue Long-Only Partners).[6]

In 2014, it announced plans to raise money for a second hybrid fund (Coatue Hybrid Fund II) that deals with venture capital investments in new technology companies.[7] It raised over $543 million for its second hybrid fund by 2015.[5]

Some of its notable investments include Lyft,,, Uber, and Snapchat.[8]


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