Coatzospan Mixtec

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Coatzospan Mixtec
(San Juan Coatzóspam)
Native toMexico
Native speakers
2,100 (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3miz

Coatzospan Mixtec (Coatzóspam Mixtec) is a Mixtec language of Oaxaca spoken in the town of San Juan Coatzospan.


Consonants in parentheses are marginal:

m n ɲ
(p) t k
(mb) nd (ŋɡ) (ŋɡʷ)
ts tʲ ~ tʃ
(ndz) (ndʲ ~ ndʒ)
β ð (ðʲ) (s) ʃ
l (r)

In women's speech, /t/ is realized as [tʃ] before front vowels.

Vowel qualities are /a ɨ e i o u/. Vowels may be oral or nasal, creaky or modal, long or short: e.g. /kɨ̰̃ː/ "to go". /o/ is apparently never contrastively nasalized, though it may be phonetically nasalized due to assimilation with a nasal vowel in a following syllable, and morphologically nasalized for the second-person familiar (e.g. /kḭʃi/ 'to come', /kḭʃĩ/ 'you will come'). The preceding vowel nasalizes only if the intervening consonant is voiced, or in some words /ʃ/. Nonetheless, even voiceless fricatives and affricates are phonetically nasalized in such environments: [β̃, ð̃, ts̃, ʃ̃]; the nasalization is visible in the flaring of the nostrils.

The first vowel of a disyllable is creaky if the second consonant is voiceless (except for /ʃ/); only when C2 is voiced or /ʃ/ can there be a contrast between creaky and modal vowels in V1. The irregular behavior /ʃ/ is apparently due to it deriving from proto-Mixtec from both voiceless velar */x/ and voiced */j/ ("*y"). It is words in which /ʃ/ derives from *j that allow V1 to be nasalized or contrastively modally voiced.

Tones are ...


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