Cobb Cloverleaf

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Cobb Cloverleaf
Emory Parrish Interchange
Cobb County, Georgia
Coordinates: 33°53′24″N 84°27′40″W / 33.890°N 84.461°W / 33.890; -84.461Coordinates: 33°53′24″N 84°27′40″W / 33.890°N 84.461°W / 33.890; -84.461
Roads at
US 41 / SR 3
Type: Cloverleaf interchange
Maintained by: Georgia Department of Transportation

The Cobb Cloverleaf is the name given to an interchange in the north-central part of the U.S. state of Georgia The highways at the interchange are Interstate 75 (I-75; unsigned State Route 401), I-285 (unsigned SR 407), U.S. Route 41 (US 41), and SR 3 in Cobb County, northwest of Atlanta. Despite the name, the interchange has only two cloverleaf-style ramps. The Georgia DOT has posted signage on I-75 referring to the interchange as the Emory Parrish Interchange.


Signage on I-75 southbound directs traffic onto I-285 westbound toward Birmingham and Tampa. Overhead signage also indicates that the I-285 exit to/from US 41/SR 3 (Cobb Parkway) and the I-75 exits to/from Cumberland Boulevard and Windy Hill Road are also part of the overall Cobb Cloverleaf interchange.

Suntrust Park is along the northwest corner of the interchange. The headquarters and studios of The Weather Channel are in an office building along the northeast corner of the interchange. To the south and east of the interchange are the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, home of the Atlanta Opera; and the Cobb Galleria, a shopping, convention, and hotel complex.[1]


The original exit that was put in place when the Perimeter (I-285) was built was indeed a true cloverleaf interchange, but after much growth and construction, the present configuration has emerged. The existing exit configuration includes provisions for an as-yet unbuilt flyover ramp to replace a cloverleaf ramp from northbound I-75 to westbound I-285; a portion of the unbuilt ramp exists as a ramp stub from Cumberland Boulevard to I-75 north. The new junction was to help traffic and has much of an addition of the cloverleaf.[clarification needed] Most of the ramps from the original cloverleaf still exist, but there have been more than 10 new ramps.[2]

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