Cobberas Range

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Cobberas Range
Cobberas Range is located in Victoria
Cobberas Range
Cobberas Range
Highest point
Peak Cobberas No. 1 (Alpine National Park)
Elevation 1,810 m (5,940 ft) [1] AHD
Coordinates 36°51′44″S 148°09′05″E / 36.86222°S 148.15139°E / -36.86222; 148.15139Coordinates: 36°51′44″S 148°09′05″E / 36.86222°S 148.15139°E / -36.86222; 148.15139[2]
Country Australia
State/Province Victoria
Parent range Great Dividing Range

The Cobberas Range, a mountain range that is part of the Great Dividing Range within the Victorian Alps, is located in north-eastern Victoria in Australia.[3] The range is located in the Cobberas Wilderness area of the Alpine National Park.[4]

Peaks include:

  • Mount Cobberas No. 1, at 1,810 metres (5,940 ft)[1]
  • Mount Cobberas No. 2
  • Moscow Peak
  • Middle Peak
  • Cleft Peak[3]

In January 1854, Victorian Government Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller passed through the area on the second of his three expeditions to the Alps. He collected a large number of plants, many of which had not been previously recorded.[5]

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