Cobequid Bay

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Cobequid Bay
Cobequid Bay.jpg
Aerial photograph of the Cobequid Bay at low tide, looking towards the East.
Location Eastern end of Bay of Fundy
Coordinates 45°21′N 63°45′W / 45.350°N 63.750°W / 45.350; -63.750Coordinates: 45°21′N 63°45′W / 45.350°N 63.750°W / 45.350; -63.750
River sources Shubenacadie River Salmon River
Ocean/sea sources Atlantic Ocean
Basin countries Canada

Cobequid Bay is an inlet of the Bay of Fundy and the easternmost part of the Minas Basin, located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. The bay was carved by rivers flowing into the eastern end of the Bay of Fundy.[1]

The eastern end of the bay hosts the estuary of the Salmon River, whereas the west end of the bay is less well-defined, typically delineated by Burntcoat Head on the southern shore and Five Islands or Economy Mountain on the northern shore.

The highest tidal range in the world was measured at Burntcoat Head where average tidal ranges measure a 12.4 m (41 ft) vertical difference in water level between low tide and high tide.

The bay's name is derived from the Acadian spelling of We'kopekwitk, the Mi'kmaq name for the area. Acadian settlers came to this area in the early 1700s.


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