Cobourg Police Service

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Cobourg Police Service
Agency overview
Headquarters107 King Street West, Cobourg, Ontario

Sworn members10
Unsworn members29
Elected officer responsible
Agency executive

Cobourg Police Service is the local law enforcement agency in Cobourg, Ontario. The force has 31 senior officers, 10 sworn members and 29 volunteers.[1]


The Town of Cobourg, Ontario was once a "police village" and has a heritage of policing.

The original board of police was instituted in 1834 and this board was incorporated as the Town of Cobourg in 1837. Law enforcement in the early years was entrusted to a high constable, appointed by the district magistrates, who could recruit deputies as a particular need arose. By 1898, the chief of police and the fire chief, John C. Ruse, made his office in the west wing of Victoria Hall.

The current Cobourg Police Service building was originally known as the "Armouries" building. It was purchased by the Town of Cobourg and turned into the town police station in 1971.

Chief of police Deputy chief of police Staff sergeant Sergeant Constable
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Chief & Tenure[edit]

Chief Tenure
Edwin Cooney 1860-1872
William Rankin 1872-1898
John C Ruse 1898-1936
William J Carey 1936-1950
Harold Pearce 1950-1970
Eugene Butler 1970-1982
Daniel K McDougal 1982-1996
John Kay 1996-2002
Kyle Foster (Acting) 2002-2003
Gerry W Clement 2003-2007
Paul Sweet 2007-2012
Kai Liu 2012-2019
Paul VandeGraff 2019-Present