Cobra's Curse

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Cobra's Curse
Cobra's Curse (34441291246).jpg
Busch Gardens Tampa
Park section Egypt
Coordinates 28°02′04″N 82°25′08″W / 28.0343683°N 82.4188559°W / 28.0343683; -82.4188559
Status Operating
Opening date June 17, 2016
Replaced Tut's Tomb
General statistics
Type Steel
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Lift/launch system Elevator
Height 70 ft (21 m)
Length 2,165 ft (660 m)
Speed 40 mph (64 km/h)
Inversions 0
Capacity 1100 riders per hour
Height restriction 42 in (107 cm)
Trains 8 trains with 2 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 8 riders per train.
Cobra's Curse at RCDB
Pictures of Cobra's Curse at RCDB

Cobra's Curse is a steel roller coaster located at Busch Gardens Tampa in Tampa, Florida.[1] Featuring an elevator-style lift and spinning cars, the roller coaster opened on June 17, 2016.[2][3][4]


Construction for the new attraction in the Egypt area of Busch Gardens Tampa began in January 2015.[5] On May 28, 2015, park officials revealed plans to build a new roller coaster that would be called Cobra's Curse, and they expected it to open in 2016.[5] Busch Gardens President Jim Dean said Cobra's Curse "complements the selection of thrill rides Busch Gardens offers, and we know it's an attraction that guests from across the globe will enjoy."[6]

While Cobra's Curse features a traditional roller coaster train, the individual cars on the train are able to spin based on the distribution of the riders in each car.[7] The attraction was constructed by Mack Rides, a German ride manufacturer that was the first to develop roller coaster trains with individually spinning cars.[5]

The "Tut's Tomb" exhibit was removed and repurposed as part of the queue for Cobra's Curse.[5] However, a nod to the former attraction in the restrooms near Cobra's Curse can be seen. After pushing a pharaoh button under the mirror, in both male and female restrooms, a mask of King Tut will appear through the glass.[8]

Ride experience[edit]

During the November 2015 IAAPA Convention in Orlando, Florida, MACK rides revealed additional details and a scale model of Cobra's Curse.[7] Upon reaching the top of the ride's 70-foot-tall (21 m) elevator lift, the train turns to the left and banks outwards, bringing riders closer to the 80-foot-tall (24 m) statue of King Venymyss, the snake king, before continuing along the course.[7] From there, the cart descends the 70-foot (21 m) drop reaching up to a maximum speed of 40 mph (64 km/h), banking right. The cart makes another banked turn over the mid-course brake run, before circling back to it. From the mid-course brake run, the two separate vehicles on the train rotate backwards, and King Venymyss can be heard saying, "Turn, turn, and face your fear!" The cart then descends through a minor helix, which carries it to a mechanical lift hill. From there, the cart descends another banked drop, causing the vehicles to spin uncontrollably. The cart goes through a series of overbanked turns, as well as changes in acceleration and velocity while spinning. The cart makes its way under the Serengeti Railway attraction before entering the final brake run (with King Venymyss shouting, "There is no escape, from the Cobra's Curse!") and returning to the station.


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