Cobra Command (1988 video game)

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Cobra Command
CobraCommand arcadeflyer.png
Japanese arcade flyer of Cobra Command.
Developer(s) Data East
Publisher(s) Data East
Composer(s) Shogo Sakai
Masaaki Iwasaki
Platform(s) Arcade, NES
Release 1988 (Arcade)
November 1988 (NES)
Genre(s) Scrolling shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Cobra Command (コブラコマンド) is a 1988 arcade game developed and published by Data East that was later ported to the NES. It is a side-scroller in which the player flies a heavily armoured helicopter through six stages to destroy enemy tanks, cannons, submarines, and gunboats. [1][2]

Front cover of North American NES version.

There are missions to Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the South China Sea, Siam and the enemy's headquarters.[3]

NES Port[edit]

The NES Port of Cobra Command which was released the same year as the arcade game, is slightly similar, however unlike the arcade game, the NES version does not scroll automatically, and its gameplay is similar to Choplifter as the main goal for each level is to rescue all of the hostages. Also, throughout the game, the player's helicopter can be upgraded by landing in certain areas.


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