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A cobweb is a spider web.

Cobweb may also refer to:




  • "Cobwebs", a song by Motionless in White from Creatures
  • "Cobwebs", a song by the Coral from Roots & Echoes
  • "Cobwebs", a song by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals from Cardinology

"Cobweb", a popular Nepali Band Cobweb Nepali Band

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  • Cobweb Bridge or Spider Bridge, a bridge in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
  • Cobweb model, an economic model of cyclical supply and demand
  • Cobweb plot, a visual tool used in the dynamical systems field of mathematics to investigate the qualitative behaviour of one-dimensional iterated functions
  • Cobweb spider or tangle web spider, any spider in the family Theridiidae
  • Cobweb theory, an alternative to the state-centric approach to international relations
  • Cobweb houseleek (Sempervivum arachnoideum)