Coca-Cola Citra

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Coca-Cola Citra
Product typeCitrus flavored cola
OwnerThe Coca-Cola Company
Introduced2005; 19 years ago (2005)
Discontinued2007; 17 years ago (2007)
Related brandsDiet Coke
Coca-Cola with Lemon
Coca-Cola with Lime
MarketsMexico,[1] New Zealand, Japan,[2] United Kingdom (diet)

Coca-Cola Citra is a beverage made by The Coca-Cola Company. It is a lemon-lime-flavored variant of the standard Coca-Cola

The design shows yellow and green stripes, and a pair of citrus fruits resembling a lemon and a lime.

Countries where Citra has been introduced[edit]

Coca-Cola Citra and Coca-Cola Citra Light were first introduced in Mexico as a limited edition in 2005, to trial the product.[1]

The drink was soon given a limited edition run in New Zealand for the 2005-2006 summer season and another run from March-September 2007.

The drink was released in Japan on May 29, 2006, available in 1.5 litre, 500 ml, and 300 ml varieties.[3][4] and was discontinued the following year.

The Diet version of the drink was released in the United Kingdom as Diet Coke with Citrus Zest in 2007 replacing the standard Diet Coke with Lemon and Diet Coke with Lime variants.(originally intended to be an orange-flavored variant, i.e. Coca-Cola Light Sango[5]) In May 2018, the drink was discontinued in favor of the introduction of the Diet Coke Exotic Mango variant in the UK.[6]

In 2023, a Zero Sugar variant, named Coca-Cola Zero Calories Lemon-Lime was released in Jordan.[7]

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