Coca-Cola Kid (video game)

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Coca-Cola Kid
Coca-Cola Kid.jpg
Box art
Developer(s)Aspect Co.
Director(s)Katsuhiro Hasegawa
Composer(s)Kojiro Mikusa
Platform(s)Game Gear

Coca-Cola Kid[a] is a Japan-exclusive Sega Game Gear side-scrolling action video game released in 1994. The game stars the Coca-Cola Kid, Coca-Cola's Japanese mascot of the 1990s.[2][unreliable source?] In addition to a standalone release, it was also included with a special red Game Gear bundle.[3]


The game uses timed platform game sequences.[4] Power-ups include the famous Coca-Cola soft drink that helps restore health and the coins that helps the player buy items between stages.[4]

The time limit is constantly moving upward, the player loses a life if the timer reaches 9:59 (stages always start with the timer at 0:00). Attacks in the games include kicks and flying kicks.[5] Obstacles, like the telephone booths in the downtown level, can also be torn down.[5]


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