Coca-Cola Light Sango

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Coca-Cola Light Sango
Sango coke can.png
Type Orange-flavoured Cola
Manufacturer The Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin Belgium
Introduced 2005
Related products Coke Citra, Diet Coke/Coke Light with Lime, Diet Coke/Coke Light with Lemon, Mezzo Mix

Coca-Cola Light Sango is a blood-orange flavoured variety of Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coke produced by The Coca-Cola Company, available in France since mid-2005. It is the first variety of Coca-Cola to have been developed outside of the company's Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters[1], primarily due to Belgium's reputation as the world's top consumer of Coke Light products per capita.[2] Coke Sango's production is also due, in part, to the success of previous citrus-flavoured varieties of Coke Light in Europe.

Coke Sango's name is based on sang, the French word for blood, in reference to its blood orange flavouring.


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