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Coca-Cola Telecommunications (CCT) was a short-lived first-run syndication unit of Columbia Pictures Television (then a unit of The Coca-Cola Company) created on November 24, 1986 that was a merger between CPT's first-run syndication division and The Television Program Source.[1] The Television Program Source was a joint-venture between Alan Bennett, former King World president Robert King, and CPT that was founded on October 15, 1984.[2] On December 31, 1987, CCT was shut down and was folded into the reorganized Columbia Pictures Television Distribution (now Sony Pictures Television).

Notable programs[edit]

TV series[edit]

Attempted series[edit]

  • A revival of Now You See It, to be hosted by new host Jack Clark was also planned, but never made it past the pilot stage.
  • A revival of Match Game, to be hosted by original host Gene Rayburn was also planned, but never materialized.

TV specials[edit]

Notes and references[edit]

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