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Cocaine: High Caffeine Energy Supplement. Warning: This message is for the people who are too stupid to recognize the obvious. This product does not contain the drug cocaine (duh). This product is not intended to be an alternative to an illicit street drug, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.
TypeEnergy drink
ManufacturerRedux Beverages
Country of originUnited States
IntroducedSeptember 2006
FlavorCherry & Cinnamon
Related productsRed Bull, Monster Energy, Pimp Juice (drink)

Cocaine, also known as No Name, is a highly caffeinated energy drink distributed by Redux Beverages. It contains more caffeine than rival energy drinks Red Bull and Rockstar, symbolized by three and a half steer heads on the label. Aside from caffeine, the label claims 750 milligrams of taurine, another common ingredient found in many energy drinks.


The drink was introduced in 2006, with the name being chosen for its potential to be controversial.[1] Cocaine was pulled from U.S. shelves as a result of the FDA's 2007 warning letter stating that Cocaine "was illegally marketing the drink as both a street drug alternative and a dietary supplement".[2] Redux Beverages began working on a new name for the product immediately. At the end of May, 2007, the Redux team decided to change the name to "No Name: energy drink, with the new can label. On 17 June 2007, the drink was redistributed in the U.S. under the new labeling. Beginning in February 2008, the old Cocaine name was used again.

The drink is available online and in local beverage stores around the U.S. The beverage is also available in Europe, where it has always been sold as Cocaine Energy Drink rather than "No Name" (as it was briefly sold in the U.S). According to Cocaine's official website, the drink is now being sold in three varieties: one being Original, one being "Cut" (which lacks the purported "throat-burning" sensation of Original), and one being "Free", which contains no sugar.


The ingredients are carbonated water, dextrose, citric acid, taurine, caffeine, natural flavors, sodium citrate, D-ribose, salt, sodium benzoate, inositol, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), sucralose, L-carnitine, potassium sorbate, guarana seed extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), and Red 40.


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