Cocchi Americano

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Cocchi Aperitivo Americano
Cocchi Americano Bianco.jpg
A bottle of Cocchi Americano Bianco, produced by Giulio Cocchi Spumanti
ManufacturerGiulio Cocchi Spumanti
Country of originItaly
Alcohol by volume16.5%

Cocchi Americano (Pronounced: /ˈkɔkki ameriˈkano/) is a quinine-laced aperitif wine produced by Giulio Cocchi Spumanti in the Asti province of Italy.[2] Cocchi Americano is a variety of Americano.[3] The wine was developed by Giulio Cocchi, and production began in 1891. Cocchi also produces a pink variety of this aperitif, the "Cocchi Americano Rosa", which is slightly more bitter and aromatic than the classic white Cocchi Americano.[4]

Press and awards[edit]

Cocchi Americano gained prominence following its presence in famous cocktails such as James Bond's Vesper Martini (as a substitute for the no longer available Kina Lillet), [5] the Corpse Reviver #2[6] and in other signature cocktails.[7]

Cocchi Americano is generally considered to be the nearest contemporary drink to the original recipe Kina Lillet and is often used as a replacement.[8][9][10]