Cocco Bill

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Cocco Bill
Cocco Bill.jpg
Publication information
First appearanceIl Giorno dei Ragazzi #1 (March 28, 1957)
Created byBenito Jacovitti

Cocco Bill is an Italian comics character by Benito Jacovitti. He is the star of a parody Western comic set in hypothetical places in the Far West. He is a hot-tempered gunslinger who drinks chamomile tea. Occasionally mocked for this, Bill responds with violence. Despite these outbursts, Cocco Bill is a good guy, and always helps sheriffs to capture criminals.[1] After Jacovitti's death in 1997 the series was continued by Luca Salvagno.

Cocco Bill's horse is called Trottalemme (which literally means "trot slowly"). The animal reasons like humans, smokes cigarettes, drinks tequila and also dreams at night.


As in most Jacovitti's comics, the page is full of strange things: all around the place one can find salami (sometimes legged), worms with legs and hats, fish bones (typically close to the artist's signature), as well as horses with only two legs ridden by a man with four legs, and other absurdities.


In 2001 Cocco Bill was adapted into an animated TV series, consisting of 104 episodes of in total 13 minutes in length per episode.[2]


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