Cochin (typeface)

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Category Serif
Classification Transitional[1]
Designer(s) Georges Peignot, Matthew Carter
Foundry Deberny & Peignot
Also known as Sonderdruck

Cochin is a Transitional serif typeface. It was originally produced in 1912 by Georges Peignot for the Paris foundry Deberny & Peignot and was based on the copperplate engravings of French artist Nicolas Cochin, from which the typeface also takes its name. In 1977 Cochin was adapted and expanded by Matthew Carter for Linotype. The font has a small x-height with long ascenders.[1]

The typeface is used in the Harry Potter covers produced by Bloomsbury Publishing.[2]

Cochin was previously a font option in iBooks for the iPad but was replaced in version 1.5 when Athelas, ITC Charter, Iowan Old Style, and Seravek were added.[3][4]


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