Cochlear duct

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Cochlear Duct
Blausen 0329 EarAnatomy InternalEar.png
Inner ear, with Cochlear Duct labeled near bottom.
Diagrammatic longitudinal section of the cochlea. (visible at far right under latin name ductus cochlearis)
Latin Ductus Cochlearis
MeSH A09.246.631.246.292
TA A15.3.03.093
FMA 61119
Anatomical terminology

The Cochlear Duct (or Scala Media) is an endolymph filled cavity inside the cochlea, located in between the tympanic duct and the vestibular duct, separated by the basilar membrane and Reissner's membrane (the vestibular membrane) respectively.

The cochlear duct houses the organ of Corti.

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