Cochrane South

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Cochrane South
Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1926
District abolished 1999
First contested 1926
Last contested 1995
Census divisions Cochrane District
Census subdivisions Iroquois Falls, Timmins

Cochrane South was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1926 to 1999. It encompassed the southern part of the Cochrane District, including the city of Timmins.

For the 1999 election, in which all electoral districts in the province were realigned to match their federal counterparts, Cochrane South was divided between the new districts of Timmins—James Bay and Timiskaming—Cochrane.


This riding has elected the following members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Parliament Years Member Party
17th 1926-1929     Alfred Franklin Kenning Conservative
18th 1929-1934
19th 1934-1937     John Rowlandson Liberal
20th 1937-1943     Charles Vincent Gallagher Liberal
21st 1943-1945     Bill Grummett Cooperative Commonwealth Federation
22nd 1945-1948
23rd 1948-1951
24th 1951-1955
25th 1955-1959     Wilf Spooner Progressive Conservative
26th 1959-1963
27th 1963-1967
28th 1967-1971     Bill Ferrier New Democrat
29th 1971-1975
30th 1975-1977
31st 1977-1981     Alan Pope Progressive Conservative
32nd 1981-1985
33rd 1985-1987
34th 1987-1990
35th 1990-1995     Gilles Bisson New Democrat
36th 1995-1999