Cock o' the Walk (1935 film)

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Cock o' the Walk
Silly Symphonies series
Directed by Ben Sharpsteen
Produced by Walt Disney
Music by Frank Churchill
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) November 30, 1935
Color process Technicolor
Country United States
Language English
Followed by Broken Toys

Cock o' the Walk is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film. It was released in 1935.


The titular Cock comes home, a boxing champion laden with golden trophies, and the birds of the fowl run to greet him with a Busby Berkley-esque display. A pretty young Hen is being courted by a young Rooster who gives a crow after a kiss, but her head is turned by the strong, charismatic and confident Cock. They go into a dance with each other, that gets some other types of bird involved into dancing too. The Rooster, furious at his love interest getting taken, challenges the Cock to a fight, and is being soundly beaten until the Hen discovers a photograph of the Cock with a plump hen and multiple chicks, on which is written 'To our Daddy'. She then shoves the paper and slaps the Cock's face for being a cheater, then rushes over to the beaten Rooster. Trying to revive him, she kisses the Rooster, who is so exhilarated by the experience that he gives a mighty crow and roar and beats the Cock without effort, making the Cock land on one of his trophies unconscious. The Rooster and the Hen reconcile with a dance, then after another passionate kiss, the rooster gives another crow.

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