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Cockblock is a slang term for an action, intentional or not, that serves to prevent someone from having sex.[1] Such behavior is often motivated by jealousy or competitiveness, although it is sometimes accidental or inadvertent. A cockblock or cockblocker is a person who engages in such obstruction or intervention.[2][3]

The phrase gained prominence after its use in the comedy Superbad, in a scene where two police officers are unintentionally impeding one of the main characters' attempts to have sex.[citation needed]

Social research has documented norms among male peer groups that view "cockblock" behavior as negative, which may make men less likely to challenge each other's behavior or impede sexual access to women, sometimes even in cases of possible sexual assault or intimate partner violence.[4][5] The term appears to date at least to 1972, when Edith Folb documented its use by urban black teenagers.[6]

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