Cockerham Priory

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Cockerham Priory
Cockerham Priory is located in the City of Lancaster district
Cockerham Priory
Location within the City of Lancaster district
Monastery information
Established1207 or 1208
Functional StatusDemolished
LocationCockerham, Lancashire, England
Coordinates53°57′36″N 2°49′13″W / 53.9601°N 2.8204°W / 53.9601; -2.8204Coordinates: 53°57′36″N 2°49′13″W / 53.9601°N 2.8204°W / 53.9601; -2.8204
Grid referenceSD 4626 5185
Visible remainsNone

Cockerham Priory was a priory served by Austin Canons in Cockerham, Lancashire, England. St Michael's Church was granted to Leicester Abbey c. 1153-54, with some land.[1] The priory was founded in 1207 or 1208 as a cell of the Abbey of St Mary de Pratis ("St Mary in the Meadows") in Leicester.[1][2][3]



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