Cockham Wood Fort

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Coordinates: 51°24′43″N 0°33′04″E / 51.412°N 00.551°E / 51.412; 00.551

Part of the surviving brickwork of the fort.

Cockham Wood Fort was constructed in 1669 on the north bank of the River Medway.

In conjunction with Fort Gillingham it took on the role of defending Chatham Dockyard from seaborne attack, a role which had been performed by Upnor Castle for the previous hundred years. Built in 1669 by Sir Bernard de Gomme as a direct result of the Dutch raid on Chatham Dockyard in 1667.

The fort was abandoned around 1818 after several decades of gradual dilapidation. Some of its structure is still standing, the most obvious part being the brickwork of the lower battery which is a prominent feature on the shoreline of the River Medway.


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