Cockroach Cooties

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Cockroach Cooties
First edition
Author Laurence Yep
Country United States
Language English
Series Later, Gator
Media type Print (Hardback, Paperback)
Preceded by Later, Gator
Followed by Skunk Scout

Cockroach Cooties is a children's novel by Laurence Yep.

Plot summary[edit]

Two brothers, Teddy and Bobby, try to defend themselves from a school bully named Arnie. The brothers discover that the bully is afraid of cockroaches. Bobby finds a cockroach and names it Hercules. Bobby uses cookies with strange ingredients to trick Arnie into a peace treaty. With the help of Hercules, the boys figure out what is happening to the bully.


It was a William Allen book nominee.[1] It won the Iowa Children's Choice Award,[2] the Texas Bluebonnet Award,[3] the Kentucky Book Award,[4] and the Laura Ingalls Book Award[citation needed]. A Publishers Weekly review says, "An altogether chipper outing".[5] Rebecca McCartney, of Burlington Public Library, reviewed the book saying, "I liked this book because it was full of creepy crawly things, and told with humor and warmth".[6]


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