Cockroad Wood Castle

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Cockroad Wood Castle
Charlton Musgrove, Somerset
Cockroad Wood Castle.jpg
Motte of Cockroad Wood Castle
Cockroad Wood Castle is located in Somerset
Cockroad Wood Castle
Cockroad Wood Castle
Coordinates51°05′15″N 2°21′50″W / 51.0876°N 2.3640°W / 51.0876; -2.3640Coordinates: 51°05′15″N 2°21′50″W / 51.0876°N 2.3640°W / 51.0876; -2.3640
Grid referencegrid reference ST746321
TypeMotte and bailey
Site information
ConditionEarthworks remain

Cockroad Wood Castle was a castle near Wincanton but now in the parish of Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, England.


Cockroad Wood Castle was a motte and bailey castle, probably built after the Norman conquest of England in 1066.[1] The castle sits close to the contemporary Norman castles of Ballands and Castle Orchard, and may have been built a system of fortifications to control the surrounding area.[1] By 1086 the surrounding land was held by Walter of Douai, although no documentary evidence of the castle remains.[2]

The castle was built with a motte and two baileys, running along a north-south ridge, with a possible entrance to the east.[2] The motte today is 13.5m wide, up to 7.5m high and is surrounded by a 1.25m deep ditch.[2] The two baileys were probably linked to the motte by wooden bridges.[2]

Today the castle site is a scheduled monument.

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