Cockspur Island

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Cockspur Island is an island in the south channel of the Savannah River near Lazaretto Creek, northwest of Tybee Island, Georgia, United States. Most of the island is within the boundaries of Fort Pulaski National Monument.

Historic buildings on the island include Fort Pulaski and the Cockspur Island Lighthouse, designed by John S. Norris, the New York City architect. During the Spanish–American War, a coastal artillery battery, Battery Hambright, was built on the island; it was reactivated during World Wars One and Two.

The founder of Methodism, John Wesley landed at the island on February 6, 1736 and a monument marks the spot where Wesley conducted a service of thanksgiving.

Coordinates: 32°1′40″N 80°53′54″W / 32.02778°N 80.89833°W / 32.02778; -80.89833

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