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A lime peel "twist" for a garnish adds an elegant touch to this Martini

Cocktail garnishes are decorative ornaments that add character or style to a mixed drink, most notably to cocktails.

A large variety of cocktail garnishes are used. Many rum-based cocktails, especially those with fruit flavors, tend to be decorated with tropical-themed garnishes or slices of fruit. Tequila-based drinks favor limes and other citrus fruits. Gin- and vodka-based drinks tend toward garnishes with a more dignified flair (olives, onions, or possibly a citrus twist or a single maraschino cherry), unless they are variations of a fruity rum-based drink. Whiskey- and brandy-based drinks tend toward minimal garnishment, if any. Restaurant chains and hotel bars tend to use larger and more ostentatious garnishes, and neighborhood bars tend to go the other extreme.

Common edible garnishes[edit]

Some people enjoy eating these garnishes, but others consider them to be simply decoration.

Common inedible garnishes[edit]

These garnishes are purely for decoration or dramatic flare. In some cases, the glass is so highly decorative, that it could be considered a garnishment to the drink, too.

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