Cocoa Puffs

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Cocoa Puffs
A Cocoa Puffs box, 2001.
Type Breakfast cereal
Place of origin United States
Creator General Mills
Main ingredients Whole grain corn, sugar, corn syrup, cornmeal, canola and or rice bran oil, Cocoa processed with alkali
Variations multiple
Other information Lucky Charms, Trix (cereal), Kix (cereal), Count Chocula
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Cocoa Puffs is a brand of chocolate-flavored puffed grain breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills.[1] Introduced in 1958, the cereal consists of small orbs of corn, oats and rice flavored with cocoa. Essentially, Cocoa Puffs are Kix cereal with chocolate flavoring. (Similarly, Trix was, for most of its existence, Kix plus fruit flavoring and coloring.) Kix cereal is produced in the same factories as Cocoa Puffs, but differs in density and circumference.

The mascot of Cocoa Puffs is Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, whose catchphrase is "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!" was introduced in 1962.[2]

On several occasions, Cocoa Puffs boxes stated that they are made with real Hershey's chocolate.[3] Cocoa Puffs are sold in Canada, Latin America, Mexico and Europe under the Nesquik brand, thanks to a partnership between Nestlé and General Mills; Nestlé and Hershey are competitors in the chocolate business.

A cereal bar of Cocoa Puffs has been made. A layer of dried, sweetened condensed milk is added to the bottom, and marketed as a substitute for a bowl of milk and cereal.

The newest addition was introduced in the summer of 2008, Cocoa Puffs Combos, which consists of the recognizable chocolate puffs with vanilla puffs. Unlike original Cocoa Puffs, the Combos cereal does not contain cocoa. Instead, it contains artificial, imitation cocoa.

In December 2009, General Mills announced that it would cut the sugar in 10 cereals including Cocoa Puffs to less than 10 grams of sugar per serving. This could represent a 25% decline in the sugar content from the original level and 18% from the 2009 level of 11 grams per serving.[4]


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