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Cocoa Locale is a bakery specializing in homestyle cupcakes, cakes and cookies, located on Park Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded by Reema Singh.[1][2]


Singh, who grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, came to Montreal to attend McGill University. She did three years of freelance baking, supplying restaurants such as Esperanza, Masala and Rumi, before starting her own shop in 2005.[1][3][4]


Cocoa Locale does not want to be considered a cafe, it wants to be known as a home kitchen. It is a single room with an open oven, and it also has a display case. There is only one woman who works behind the counter and produces and sells the products herself. It was opened five years ago. Reema Singh wanted to create a bakery that was like home to its customers, and somewhere that her customers would make part of their daily lives. Before the opening of her shop, Singh was known for delivering her cakes in big pink hat boxes from her bicycle. Before being a cake shop, Singh had found it as an old tailor shop with a "For Rent" sign on it.[5]


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