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Cocoa Mountain is a small gourmet chocolate enterprise situated in Durness in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Founded in 2006 by two entrepreneurs James Vincent Findlay and his civil partner Paul Maden, roughly 100 truffle recipes were tested before the company founders decided on the current 25 available.[1] Since then, Cocoa Mountain has been awarded the `Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Award` for food tourism in 2009, along with enjoying a growing reputation amongst foodies and travellers. Cocoa Mountain is well known for its exotic truffle flavours and its `legendary` hot chocolate served on the premises in the Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Bar.[2] Where possible, the company uses local and ethically sourced ingredients.[3]

Cocoa Mountain is also renowned for its celebrity fanbase; a large order from Prince Charles was famously turned down after it was requested that the company add preservatives to a truffle recipe. US Senators and wealthy Middle Eastern tycoons are also amongst those who are fans of the remotely based chocolate company [1]